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Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch

While we would love to be able to help every child, that is just not possible.

Children are considered for placement based on the ability of Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch to meet a child’s individual needs. The application and provider records are carefully reviewed by Shiloh placement team members, then available openings are reviewed to determine whether or not the two are compatible.

Homeparent strengths and skillsets, educational needs and services, and the needs of the children already in the home are just a few of the details considered by the placement team prior to acceptance. A concerted effort is made by all team members to ensure the best possible placement outcome.

Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch does not have a waiting list and applicants are not placed in the order in which their application is received. Placement acceptance is based solely on an applicant’s potential to benefit from placement with Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch.

If you have reviewed theFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and don’t feel Shiloh is a good fit for your child, please visit the Resources page of our website for additional information.

If you have reviewed theFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and placement with Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch is what you believe is best for your child and family, you may begin the online placement application process. We’ve put together some application guidelines, tips, and tricks, that you may find helpful. Please review this information before beginning the application.

We know the wait can seem unbearable once a placement application has been submitted. Please know, our team is working diligently to review all incoming applications to determine viability and availability. If you have questions about what happens once your application is received, you may find it helpful to look over what to expect after applying.

PLEASE NOTE: application processing time varies. 

If you have completed an application and have questions about the status, please send a message to a member of our Placement Team.